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Bruce Gremo has expansive experience in music composition, performance and education. An academically credentialed composer, he has remained largely in the performance field. He is ‘musically multi-lingual,’ being equally adept in traditional classical performance, world music, improvisation, and cutting-edge high-technology based composition. He has extensive experience as an educator, lecturer and academic administrator, is a published author and patented inventor. He is a recording artist, a recording and  live engineer, and has built and operated two project studios. From 2012-22, he taught at a private bilingual IB school-  Daystar Academy - in Beijing developing a novel computer-composition based music pedagogy, teaching from grades 2 to 9, but primarily Middle School. His focus in composition has for over two decades been interactive computer application composition. His interest in cross-media began at the beginning of the millennium, and now audio-driven abstract animations are a focus.


He has ever been developing concert and composition formats where different performance practices meet; classical repertoire and improvisation, hi-tech electronic and acoustic, western and eastern, old and new, functional and ecstatic.  These interests are born out of the mix of his graduate academic composition education, his practical education as a participant in free improvisation and experimental music scenes, out of his interests as an academic philosopher, his work as a patented instrument maker and published instrument researcher.


A seasoned performer he has performed as soloist in venues ranging from the likes of Lincoln Center in NYC, the NCPA (the Egg, Beijing), the Royal Albert Hall (London) to the Knitting Factory (NYC), D-22 (Beijing) and Steim (Amsterdam), to name a few.


His most recent greatest inspiration has been his Chinese Middle School students who participated in his computer lab music pedagogy (2017-22).


He was based in NYC from 1986-2006. From 2006-2022 he was based in Beijing, where additionally he worked as symphony orchestra principal flutist and soloist,  a classical chamber musician, and a music educator.  He is now returned to North America.  220914.

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