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Here is a link to  Gremo Li  Hu and Live in Beijing.

Bruce Gremo, Li Tie Qiao, Hu JianBing Live in Beijing

Bruce Gremo flutes,  Li Tie Qiao saxophones, Hu JianBing sheng


Live.  Here and now.  Some performances happen from the most precarious of circumstances.  The coincidence of two wonderful collaborators of mine who don’t have much connection otherwise.  Add Amy Li’s generosity in making her fab CaoChangDi gallery space available.  Endlessly echo-ey white box or very generous space.  Both. The former makes for easy live recording, the latter for ease of listening.  I began this performance with a circular breath tone coming in from  the outside room.  So the audience rustling is part of the sound from the beginning.  For all the ease of listening and recording, this is intense music.  Li Tie Qiao on multiple saxophones, Hu JianBing on multiple Sheng.  Bruce Gremo on multiple flutes.  Perhaps the name of our next recording should be Multiplication.

Click for Amy Li Gallery


Click for Li Tie Qiao


Click for Hu JianBing

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