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14 Sonic Apparitions from an Ancient Temple City


14 Sonic Apparitions from an Ancient Temple City

Bruce Gremo glissando flute, bass flute, alto shakulute , max programming


These pieces were prompted by the occasion of a fashion show.  Kathrin von Rechenberg is a haute couture designer based in Beijing whose shows I have provided music for many time.  Always such a pleasure!  This particular show was held at the Hong-en Guan Temple in the heart of Beijing in 2012.  The Max applications were written anticipating beats and types of melody appropriated and distilled through my various lenses over the years, and anticapting the models' runway walk.  I had spent time in Siem Reap a few years earlier and this to this day still resonates with me.  The show occasioned a dialogue I had wanted to pursue for a long time; the conjunction of complex texture, noise and simple but nuanced melody.  I know now in retrospect that melody is one of the main carriers of emotional narrative.  It was an obvious step for me to  imagine sound with the force to resonate over ages.  All pitch-tracking flute driven Max application composition played in an improvisational manner. Phew.  This was recorded in preparation for Kathrin's show.  I wish I had a recording of the show.  The design colour and material are so inspiring!

Hong-en Guan Temple, von Rechenberg models and musician for the occasion.

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