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Here is a link for album November Snow.  Bruce Gremo cilia max programming and multiple flutes, Neil Rolnick keyboard and computer, Demetrius Spaneas alto saxophone.


November Snow.  Bruce Gremo, Neil Rolnick, Demetrius Spaneas.

Neil Rolnick and Demetrius Spaneas were in Beijing for performances.  I  had been living in Beijing for a couple of years.  Jurgen Frenz, who taught audio recording at the prestigious Film Academy of China, invited the three of us up to do a free improvisation session.  These are all first takes wonderfully edited by Jurgen.  Turns out we were all more than ready.

1 - November Snow and Beijing.   cilia


2 - Circular Windfall.    glissando flute


3 - Weather Portents.   cilia, voice samples


4 - Japanese Rainfall.   shakuhachi, key clack textures,  synth chords  

5 -  Lush Precipitation.   cilia, sax multi-phonics

6 -  Where Air.     glissando flute, Neil marimba patch

7 -  Yankee Turbulence.      glissando flute

8 -  Chinese Cloud Talk.   xun, voices samples,  percussive sax





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